03 December 2007

The mud flat advances

The promised rain, slight as it was, produced little more than a slight dampening of our area overnight. Thought you might like to see the advancing mud flat at our end of Country Club Pond.

It looks as though the water is down about three and a half feet. I wonder how many rainy days it will take to get the water back up to normal.

02 December 2007

Advent cactus

The houseplants I managed not to kill through neglect last winter spent the late spring, summer and early fall outside. Tal found a perfect spot on the west side of the house in a corner where the foundation forms a right angle and where the mass of the screened porch provided good shade. Also helpful was the three-morning-a-week sprinkler schedule.

When the temperature began threatening near freezing numbers about three weeks ago and we thought to tend the plants, we discovered that not only had they thrived during their months in the real world, having grown alot, but the two Christmas cactus (cacti) were coverd with buds.

This photograph was taken today, the first day of Advent. I suspect both plants will have finished their blooming by the time the Christmas season arrives.

In the meantime, we are mindful of the need to enjoy them now, treating them a bit like the Advent calendar with deliberate focus at least once a day. It would also be nice if one of us would remember to offer them a little water now and then.