20 October 2007

Living on a mud flat

Well, "on golden pond" is isn't! With our region's now long-standing rainless spell Country Club Pond is fast becoming a mud flat. The water is down three feet and yesterday's predicted and longed-for rain didn't materialize. Pictured here is the shallow end of the pond and the end of the deer fence which was designed to project six feet out into the water. This is now the deer's route to Tal's roses ...

Fall color is pretty brab. Leaves are simply turning brown and falling. The brightest color across the Ridge, actually, is in the soybean fields, the leaves bright yellow. Sadly, for most farmers the yield from those fields once the leaves fall is going to be minimal.

It's a dry time. But, such times -- agriculturally, spiritually, personally, if honored and pondered -- can also prove enormously fruitful. I'm hanging my hat there. I have to admit, however, that I'd prefer water to come eventually and refill the pond. Adapting to living on a mud flat forever, while certainly something I could do, isn't my first choice.


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