15 October 2007

Fair food

Tal and I have had this day on the calendar since before I went on the Ansel Adams trip in September -- a visit to the SC State Fair. It's not that this particular event is something either of us particularly like. In fact, it's hot, noisy, dusty and crowded. But, it IS an event! And, we were determined to take a day off, and to do that requires leaving home. Hence, the plan.

True to form, it was all those things I listed above. Beyond that, though, it was colorful and interesting and even surprising. My #1 agenda item was to view the photographic exhibit and it did not disappoint. I gravitated to the black and white images in both the amateur and professional categories and had my preference for not giving photographs names reaffirmed. The photographer doesn't need to tell the viewer what to see or feel or how to react. Giving location is one thing; making the viewer get past serenity is another.

We fell into conversation with a man while there who is a member of the Columbia Camera Club. His invitation to join them some Tuesday evening was so tempting. Distance and job responsibilities kept the offer from moving beyond a nice gesture. But, that conversation helped me know I probably need to find (or found) a more local club and, by the way, that I must locate a class to learn PhotoShop and for guidance on printers and the like.

We also visited the flower and sand sculpture display. Always a favorite and this year an eye-popping surprise. The various garden displays installed by local nurseries and landscapers had very distinguished focal points: sculpture from Brookgreen Gardens. Probably 10 pieces, maybe 12. And the huge sand sculpture was of the "Fighting Stallions," the first thing a person sees when coming through the main entrance. Also present was a representative form Brookgreen's bookstore and a large array of books and other items for sale. Yes, it was strange seeing such familiar sculpure out of context. But, also a delight.

And, finally, here it is -- true confessions. Another aspect of the fair is a once-a-year thing that I hate to admit ... corns dogs and funnel cakes. Yes, it's fair food and, truth be known, it's only fair. But, oh yum, anyway! A supply of Rolaids is always a help after that particular indulgence.

And, now it's done for another year.


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