02 February 2007

How dependent ARE we on Punxsutawney Pete?

Ground Hog Day. Isn't it amazing? A formally-dressed celebration based on an old German superstition dating back over a century. And, we wait to see what Pete sees.

Independence Day. Thanksgiving Day. Birth Day. Wedding Day. Presidents' Day. Memorial Day. Veterans' Day. New Year's Day. All Saints' Day. Graduation Day. Moving in day. Coming home day. Every one of these days marks something important to individual people and some of them whole groups of people. They remind us who we are, most of them. They are significant days.

But, Ground Hog Day? On par with the others? To my often overly serious self it seems insignificant in comparison. But, because I jump too quickly to judge, maybe I'd better be more charitable.

I suppose it can fit into that list of more important dates, in that each of them gives us a reason to celebrate. Christmas, that most over the top of celebrations, is long gone over and there's not much on the horizon this time of year. Plus, all celebrations help us mark time -- which goes too fast sometimes and it moves too slowly at others. But, move it does.

Who among doesn't tire of winter long before spring? While grey days pretty much match my personality, winter is hard on many people. And, to be honest, during the three remarkably mild winters Tal and I experienced while living in the Philadelphia area, even I found myself longing for warmth and sunlight.

Ground Hog Day. It's a day for marking time. It's a day to acknowledge winter's point. It's a day which grants people -- in particular the people of Pennsylvania -- permission to wonder (how much longer winter will go on) and to hope (for an early end to the bleakness). I hope the formally dressed festivities help. What'll it be, Pete?

01 February 2007

Welcome February

As promised for days in advance, today, the 1st day of February, dawned to reveal a cold, grey, icy rain. Welcome February; welcome winter. My whole person matches the day -- chilly, blue (as in morose), achy. A good day not to have any out-of-the-office appointments.

Tal provided a cup of coffee to my early morning propped-up self and I watched the sleet change to "ploppy" snow -- about 15 minutes worth -- to steady rain. My view is shown here -- after the bed was made!

The weeks since Christmas have been hard, full of meetings and typing and computer challenges (aka troubles) and snarled schedules and too much "left undone," to quote The Book of Common Prayer. Personally, I'm reading today's weather as a cosmic declaration of a mere two words:

And, obediently, I have.